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flexitrax P550c Software Updates

This page provides software downloads for the Pearpoint P550c controllers. It is important to use the latest software before conducting your next survey as software updates offer enhanced performance and improved stability.

Controller Software Updates are free of charge. P550c Controller Software version:

Check your controller’s current software version. On the controller, select Settings > Maintenance > Software versions.

If the version above is newer than the one on your controller, follow these steps:

  1. Download the software update from the link below.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and double click on the filename or icon to extract the update file
    dvc2-<n.n.n.n>.rdu where <n.n.n.n> is the controller software version.
  3. Copy the dvc-<n.n.n.n>.rdu file to the root of a USB memory stick.
  4. Power off the controller.
  5. Insert your USB memory stick into your controller.
  6. Connect the controller to the mains power supply and power on.

    Caution: Always connect the controller to the mains supply before updating the software. This ensures a reliable power source.

  7. On your computer, select Settings > Maintenance > Software Update and follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Wait while the controller updates the software. This process may take several minutes.

    Caution: Do not switch off the controller or remove the USB memory stick while the upgrade is in progress. Interrupting the upgrade may leave the controller inoperable.

  9. When the update is complete, the controller prompts you to restart. When the controller restarts, the update process is complete.

Release Information:

  • Version
  • Added GraniteNet Code Standards for mainline and lateral assets.
  • Additional video streaming support added.
  • Option added for custom controller labelling functionality.
  • Reporting Layout improvements.
  • Transporter rollover notification improvements.

Internal Communication:

  • Version
  • Added GraniteNet Code Standards for mainline and lateral assets.
  • Additional RTSP video streaming support added.
  • Option added for customer controller labelling functionality. Supports user defined labelling when exporting to Dropbox or USB from multiple controllers.
  • Reporting layout improvements. Full photograph path visibility is now supported including long Project naming conventions.
  • Transporter roll-over warning has been improved to allow user more correction control.
  • Support for an additional PT/FW camera focus motor type and speed adjustments and to allow for reset within the User Interface.
  • Support added for accelerometer on the updated PT/PTZ camera options.
  • Improvements to exporting/importing Wincan embedded projects into WincanVX and WincanWeb, when the project contains only one survey.